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ShrinkRap is a deposit of educational links, and features research, and news from the world of psychology.

Kathy JamesI’m Kathy James co-founder of Tri City Psychology Services, creator of SHRINKRapTriCityPsychology on Facebook and @shrinkgurl on Twitter.

I am located in Vancouver, British Columbia. I graduated from St. Martins School of Art as a graphic designer and have progressed from being an illustrator of some 25 years, to developing a successful psychology practice with my partner Owen James, PhD. who is a Registered Psychologist CPBC #1070.

During the day I work as a clinical coordinator and office manager at Tri-City Psychology Services. In the early morning hours and at night I follow my passion in exploring the world of social media and its impact on the psychology profession, scouring the world wide web for all the juicy and relevant new research and tit-bits that I post on ShrinkRap and The Facebook pages. I’m incredibly fortunate to have a job I love.

Although the quality and effectiveness of mental health treatments and services have improved greatly over the past 50 years, incredibly social stigma still surrounds those with mental health issues. It is quite disconcerting that we have progressed so little in breaking down the prejudices and discrimination that surround mental illness. The media has done much to sustain a distorted view of mental illness.

That said  there are now some amazing psychology blogs – Mind Hacks, Brain Blogger Psyblog are just a few of my own particular favorites.

We started ShrinkRap in 2007. Our aim then and now, is to feature the many dimensions of health from a psychological perspective.

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