Are You Looking To Repair Your Relationship?

Are you afraid your relationship isn’t going to survive?

You’re not alone. When you feel you’ve lost the love that brought you together, couples counselling can help.

couple back to back in conflict

All too often couples will struggle alone, repeating the same mistakes, fighting the same battles, often reaching a point where they feel that counselling is the last and only chance to save their relationship.

Our Psychologists can help you create the relationship you really want

When you find that:

  • You argue constantly with your partner, and are caught in constant power struggles
  • You’ve had enough of being taken for granted
  • It’s too hard to walk away, because you’re afraid of being alone
  • You’ve lost the passion and excitement that first brought you together?
  • A partner has been unfaithful in the past and you have issues with trust.
  • You’ve decided to end you’re relationship and don’t know how to tell your partner.


Too often relationships can be taken for granted by one or both partners, rather than either taking the time to give it the nurturing and respect it deserves

Whether you are single or in a relationship couples or relationship counseling can help you to develop the skills to create a more loving and happier relationship.

Through relationship therapy you can learn:

  • New approaches to resolve conflict, compromise and defuse tension.
  • How to respect each others opinions, and make decisions together
  • Connect emotionally when faced with day to day stressors, or when life throws you a curve ball
  • Truly get know your partner
  • Respect and understand that you will have differences, and how to tolerate those differences
  • That you both can share ambitions and dreams that will change and evolve, as you grow as a couple


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