Dr. O’s Rap: Vroom Vroom

July 3, 2009

dr-oFor a while now, I have been plagued with envy. I have come to realize that Jeremy Clarkson has my ideal job. For those of you reading this who have no idea who Clarkson is take a look at the BBC, and in particular Top Gear where you will find Messers Clarkson, May, and Hammond routinely test driving all the most wonderful cars in the world. OK, so I admit it, I am one of those stereotypical males who just so happens to have an ongoing love affair with cars.
C’mon now, what’s not to love in an Aston Martin, Ferrari, or Porsche? Well I am not going to remain silent anymore, so I am starting a campaign to have Jeremy Clarkson removed from the show because of incompetence – (I may have to find a more appropriate reason later)! I ask for your support as I volunteer myself as his replacement. I just can’t wait to drive that McLaren 😉

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