Neuroscience Art: Greg Dunn’s fabulous paintings

June 21, 2012

cerebral cortex painting  by  Greg Dunn

Commissioned by the Society for Neuroscience, Washington DC.
This painting by Greg Dunn, “Beyond the Horizon.” is of the developing cerebral cortex, at about week 15 of human gestation.

Greg Dunn
 is a neuroscience PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania and an artist passionate about Japanese minimalist scrolls. While these interests may appear radically incongruous, Dunn’s artwork suggests otherwise. The artist creates dazzling works of enamel, gold leaf and ink inspired by science.

Some of the works, like “Hippocampus II,” give those of us who do not spend a lot of time around a microscope a look at the complex architecture of our neurons. And then there are the occasional stumpers that are impossible to decipher as neuron or nature.

Learn  more about Greg’s inspiration and influencers in this interview in  The Beautiful Brain

The Beautiful Brain Huffington Post

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