The Secret Power of Pyjamas

December 2, 2010

dr.o logoThis morning as I surfed for news I scoured the British press which was filled with tales of s’no fun!

Living as I do in Canada, I am no stranger to the havoc that a huge dump of snow can cause. So I am facinated by the mayhem and disruption that has befallen the UK in light of the current cold snap which has engulfed Britain.

Segway back to reality, as I drive my usual route to work I bear witness to the usual high school stragglers strolling through their early PE morning jaunt up hills and down the dales (subsitute the back streets of Port Moody)! BTW aren’t you supposed to be running guys and gals?

Just a minute… are they wearing teeshirts and runners, or is that girl wearing pyjamas? Maybe she was in a hurry to get to school this morning? Oh c’mon I’m not that far behind fashion trends, and besides children are not so serious as grown ups and they love a good laugh….

So where am I going with this you may ask, well there’s nothing more fun for kids than a snow day. I remember my own kids delight as the local TV channels announced school closures after heavy snow fall. I am guessing even as I write this that many kids are longing for a snow day here in Canada.

So I am announcing Friday as a Pajamas-Inside-Out, Spoon-Under-the-Pillow-Day…. bring on the white stuff.

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