The path to long life

March 11, 2011


Getting married, exercising regularly, thinking happy thoughts, not working so hard— according to The Longevity Project are not shortcuts to immortality, and for certain groups of people, they can actually have the opposite effect!
Veronique Greenwood writes in the Atlantic about the Longevity Project which debunks conventional wisdom. that “Worrying is always bad for your health.

Optimistic people have a tendency to ignore details, meaning they don’t follow doctor’s orders correctly or lead themselves into unhealthy situations or addictions. It was the conscientious people—careful, sometimes even neurotic, but not catastrophizing—who lived longer, write Friedman and Martin, researchers at the University of California, Riverside. And, their studies show, some of what we think will benefit our children may actually rob them of years later in life. In the Terman study, precocious, active children who were sent to school a year early, as Philip was, tended to have emotional problems that led to unhealthy behaviors and shortened life span.

Source: The Atlantic

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