Self-control as a child as a predictor of future success as an adult

January 24, 2011

As a sequel to the CNN video I posted earlier maybe those who share the family bed may be interested in this post by Ed Yong the Discover blogger

Pay attention. Put that down. Stop doing that. Eat that later. Would you, just, behave? These phrases are a familiar part of family life, as parents try to drum a sense of self-control into their children. Right from the start, they are taught to restrain their impulses, focus on their goals, and control their choices. This seems like a wise move, but how could you tell if such instruction actually affects a child’s fate?

Parents, of course, love to read too much into the small steps of a child’s development. But could it really be that the self-control kids learn to exert when they are very young is an indicator of the adult lives they will lead? Curious? Continue reading

Source: Discover

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