What makes us happy?

July 29, 2011

kanye-westScientific American has great article written by Sam McNerney on what makes us happy.What makes us happy? Alexis de Tocqueville vs. Kanye West

The article discusses the ingredients essential to happiness. Contrasting what Alexis de Tocqueville’s paradox of choice outlined back in 1835 in the seminal text Democracy in America? with iconic Kanye West’s struggle (despite his fame and success) to find the elusive ingredients and emotional fulfillment.

Kanye’s problem is choice: he simply has too much of it.

This idea is what many call the paradox of choice, where the issues of discontent are perpetuated every time we are given more options.
The assumuption being that more choice means better options and greater satisfaction.

Tocqueville warned us, that there are people like Kanye who still don’t understand that money is not intrinsically fulfilling.

So what does make us happy? What did Toqueville know that Kanye doesn’t know?

Curious?Link to read the article

Source:Scientific American

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