Why we crave sweet and fatty foods

January 4, 2011

This video courtesy of BigThink is for all of you who have resolved to lose weight. Me 2 😉 Its choc ( no pun intended) full of other goodies too.

Satoshi Kanazawa is an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics. His research uses evolutionary psychology to analyze social sciences such as sociology, economics, and anthropology. His books include, “Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire—Two Evolutionary Psychologists Explain Why We Do What We Do,” “Why Men Gamble and Women Buy Shoes: How Evolution Shaped the Way We Behave” and “Order by Accident: The Origins and Consequences of Conformity in Contemporary Japan.” He also writes the The Scientific Fundamentalist blog for Psychology Today.

Source: BigThink

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